Saturday, 1 October 2011

We luff groups

So, from 24 October, there will be no SU groups. None. I've got to admit that it's not that surprising as they've been trying to hide groups for ages but the older crowd still hung out there occasionally. It was fun while it lasted and it was nice seeing activity there all the time. But, as with most things... some things got ugly, some people got hurt... and a lot of nastiness could've been avoided. But it WAS fun. :)

I'm going to ignore the Stream of Consciousness trio in this trip down memory lane. For various reasons, my relationship with the group has soured but I'm sure I'll find something nice to say in another post later.
I'll also maybe do a separate post on the core forums because they were tons of fun on their own. And the drama... oh the drama. :P

But now... onto one of my small but favourite groups...
I created the Luff group with DSC501 (as he was known at the time). Luff was supposed to be about celebrating love between friends. It was lovely and fluffy and fun. This was the first post:

It was also an honour to have someone like joewalp popped in and "endorse" the group. He's famous, you know. He has a whole group named after him and everything....  :)

The group was also very special to me because it was where I announced my pregnancy. Very special. When I lost the baby a month later, people were amazing. <3

Other favourite threads was the Spam Caro one where we went on a campaign to send luff to Caro so that she wouldn't leave SU. Yeah, we're crazy like that. The Stumblers we Luff thread was where that all started. :)
And the many love poems, love songs, hugs and giggles

There was really a lot of love in that group but it sadly fell apart very quickly when my life fell apart. Some friendships lasted and some didn't. But the feelings expressed in that group were wonderful.

I will miss you luff.

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