Thursday, 29 September 2011

Joining StumbleUpon

This is a collection of some of my posts from StumbleUpon.
From 24 October 2011, SU will be removing all html from blog posts and deleting all groups.
I joined SU in June 2006 after downloading Firefox and looking for more addons to play with.
I dont remember how I stumbled onto the groups... and I'm not sure how I learned how to blog... but I learned very quickly how to stumble like a machine. I didn't even have internet at home back then... so I did all the cool stuff at work. At one stage, I got SU blocked at my job. :)

So I've decided to paste some of my personal favourites and a bit of my Stumble Story.
These were my first reviews. Not very impressive but already indicative of what I was passionate about at the time: women's rights, astrology (and related airty fairy crap) and the internet (snopes rocks!).

I did better after this. Really.
Join me for the ride.